Update or Check on Status of a PPP Loan Application

If you have been asked to upload supplementary documents, please use the link below. Please DO NOT EMAIL documents to us.  They must be uploaded through this secure site.

To log back into your application to check status or uploan additonal documents, use the same email address and password you used to create the application.  Upon loggin in, if you see your application is marked Locked, please contact us to unlock it.

You can also use this link to check on the status of your application.  There are four status categories you may see:

  • Eligibility in Progress - Your application is being processed by the PPP-Apply Team.  If you see this status and you applied more than one business day ago, we are waiting on information from you.  We sent an email requesting this information.  If you did not see it, check your spam folder.
  • Withdrawn - This status means that we received instructions to withdraw your application from processing or the SBA told us you already had a PPP loan approved for another lender.
  • Declined - This status means that we marked the application as Declined, usually for the following reasons:
    • Duplicate applications submitted.
    • Self-employed 2019 Schedule C line 31 was less than $1,000.
    • You did not provide requested documents to support the requested loan amount.
    • The SBA told us you already had a PPP loan approved for another lender.
    • We were unable to verify your identity or that of your business.
  • Approved - This status means that we have received all necessary documents to support the loan request and have approved the application to be submitted to the SBA.  This DOES NOT MEAN the SBA or the lender has approved your application.  You will know the SBA has approved your application when you receive a "SBA Form 147" from us.  If you do not receive this form within one business day of your application being marked Approved, please contact us.