This Section is one of five sections, labeled Section A to Section E, that have been created to assist you in completing the initial PPP application on this site. Please use the navigation buttons at the bottom. If you need to update an existing application, or check your status, please click on the green button at the bottom of the Update / Status menu tab at the top.

Please do not start multiple applications - it delays the process!

Section E – SBA Approval Portal

The preceding four sections provide instructions on submitting the application through  Once our team members have reviewed the application and all supporting documentation submitted and have marked the file as “Approved” the file is submitted to the SBA through an electronical portal.

Note:  As explained throughout this site, our marking a file “Approved” does not mean it is approved by the SBA for a loan guarantee nor by a lender for funding.  It means that is has been approved to be submitted to the SBA for their approval.

Since beginning the PPP program in early April, we have learned about several “quirks” on the SBA submittal portal that will cause an application to be rejected.  When this happens, the application has to be manually corrected, a step that takes time and may cause an application not to be approved.

  1. Please make sure that Employer Identification Numbers (EINs) are formatted as 12-3456789 and Social Security Numbers (SSNs) are formatted as 123-45-6789. The placement of the “-“ are critical.  A self-employed person can use either their SSN or an EIN (if they have one for the business) for the business, but must use only a SSN for their personal information.
  2. “Industry Code” is a 6-digit NAICS code. Unfortunately, the drop-down list shows some 5-digit codes, and the online form will accept a 5-digit code, but the SBA will not – the application will be rejected when submitted to the SBA.  Also, the SBA will reject a “999999” code that the application form accepts.
  3. Check your Zip code with the USPS Zip code site:   You may know your Zip code, but the SBA application site checks your address against a Zip code database in real-time and will reject your application if it does not match and this database may not the be same as what you think your Zip code is.

Your application may also be rejected by the SBA because they think you have a PPP loan with another lender.  This usually results because you applied with another lender, they submitted the application for a guarantee to the SBA, but never closed the loan.  If this happens, we will tell you this has occurred and you can try to contact the other lender or the SBA and have the other loan application cancelled.  Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this – the SBA will not let us resolve the issue.


You have finished our instructions for completing the online application form.  Click on the link below to start a new PPP application.