Help with you private Box account is a highly secure, flexible online cloud service that PPP-Apply uses to manage and store the Forms documents that you upload for your PPP application.  This lets us work with you to quickly and efficiently process your application.

Box is very reliable, but issues occassionsly arise.The following is a list of the most common issues our borrowers have experienced and our suggestions for resolving:

  • It has been 4 business hours (9 to 6 EST M-S, noon to 6 Sunday) since I completed the form and received an email from PPP-Apply, but I have not received an invitation email from
    • Check your spam or similar folders in your email. should be white listed by most mail providers, but it still is occassionaly filtered out.
    • If you have an email screening app that requires the sender to complete a form before your mail is delivered, turn it off until you get your link with Box established.
    • Try to sign in to Box with the email you used to register with us and click on "Reset Password".  Check your email (including spam folders).  If you do not receive an email from Box in about 10 minutes, then email with the words "Reset Box". This will casue our system to recreate the Box folder for you.  You will not lose any documents you have previously emailed to us, they will be merged into your new Box folder.
  • I have uploaded all my forms and documents to Box, but have not heard from your reviewers.
    • Make sure you have uploaded all the forms and documents listed on our Form 100 for (1) your business entity type, and (2) the type of application you are filings (First Round, Second Round)
    • If all your forms and documents are in your Box folder, then email: with your business name in the Subject line.
  • I have uploaded documents to Box that I can see, but your reviewers cannot.
    • This is likely becasue you have uploaded the forms and documents to your own Box folder, created with the same email address you registed with us, not the private Box folder we created on Box for you.  Go to All Files in Box and and you should see our folder with either #xxxxx# or a 5-digit number, together with your other Box folders.  Mearly Copy the forms and documents into our folder.
  • I am still having problems accessing Box.
    • Send an email to, put "Continuing Box Issues" in the subject line, and describe the issues you are having.  Please include your name and phone number in the body of the email.