This Section is one of five sections, labeled Section A to Section E, that have been created to assist you in completing the initial PPP application on this site. Please use the navigation buttons at the bottom. If you need to update an existing application, or check your status, please click on the green button at the bottom of the Update / Status menu tab at the top.

Please do not start multiple applications - it delays the process!

Section B - How to enter information in the online application.

The following points will help you navigate through the online PPP application quickly and with little difficulty.  Please read these carefully.  Following the direction provided in these instructions will save you significant time later.

  1. The online application requires you to register with an email address and password. Remember these so you can log back into the site later to continue your application, update it if necessary, and check on the status.
  2. Start ONLY ONE APPLICATION. If you start more than one application, it will significantly delay processing.
  3. Each web page of the application has instructions that should be read and followed. More detail for each page is provided below.

Business Information (First) Page

  1. The “Name” in the first question of the application is the NAME OF THE BUSINESS, not the individual’s name (except as explained in Item #4 below). This is really important!
  2. The Name of the business is determined as follows:
    1. If a corporation of any type (C Corp, Sub S, not-for-profit), use the name EXCTLY as shown in the Secretary of State’s corporation registration, including the Corp, Inc., Company, etc.
    2. If an LLC, LLP, etc., use the name EXACTLY shown in the Secretary of State’s entity registration, including the LLC, L.L.C., LLP, etc.
    3. In the event your business is not required to be registered with the Secretary of State (a general partnership, for example in some states) use the name registered with the state’s revenue department or the name used in federal tax filings.
    4. If a Sole Proprietorship (independent contractor, self-employed, etc.) use your individual name, even if operating with a tradename (DBA).
    5. Do not use a DBA, even if the tradename is properly registered. Use the legal name of the entity.  We ask for the DBA in the application for purposed of validating the entity, but the DBA is not the NAME of the applicant.
  3. The “Type of Organization” is exactly as shown in the government records – see discussion in Item #5 above.
  4. The “Tax ID” (“TIN”) will probably be an Employer Identification Number (“EIN”) in the format 12-3456789 where there are employees. The TIN can be a Social Security Number (“SSN”) for a self-employed person or a single member LLC. The SSN is in the format 123-45-6789.  Both have 9 digits and differentiated only by the placement of the “-“.  It is extremely important that this number be entered correctly – it becomes the primary way the SBA identifies the business as a borrower.
  5. “Industry Code” is a 6-digit NAICS code. Unfortunately, the drop-down list shows some 5-digit codes, and the online form will accept a 5-digit code, but the SBA will not – the application will be rejected when submitted to the SBA.  Also, the SBA will reject a “999999” code that the form accepts.
  6. The Contact Information on the first page is very important – it is how we are able to stay in touch with you. The “Email address” in this section of the application becomes the primary email for the business in our records.
  7. In Business Background, please read the questions carefully and answer truthfully. Note the questions that require an Addendum A or Addendum B be attached as an uploaded document.
  8. In Beneficial Owner, provide the information for all owners with 20% or more ownership. For a self-employed person, this is just one owner.  It is not necessary to provide the information for owners holding less than 20% ownership; as a result, the ownership % may not total 100%.  If the applicant is a non-profit entity, the Beneficial Owner section still needs to be completed for the CEO or equivalent officer; however, the % of ownership is shown as “0%”.

Personal Information Page

  1. The Personal Information is to be completed for each person with 20% or more ownership.

Loan Information Page 

  1. For information on what items you can include in Average Monthly Payroll categories, please consult the SBA website or seek the advice of an accounting or legal professional. See also Sections B and D of this website where more information is provided on how to complete this page.
  2. For each value you list in the Maximum Loan Amount section, you must upload supporting documentation on the Documents page.

Additional Information Page

  1. The section labeled “Contact Information” says that it is optional. In most cases, it is not optional.  Take an extra minute and fill it out.
  2. The “I agree to all terms and conditions” checkbox at the bottom must be checked.
  3. If you attempt to move to the Next Page (the Documents page) and encounter an error that states not all information has been provided, the error being referenced may not be on the Additional Information Page. Look at the tabs at the top of the pages and there will be a red mark on the page where information is missing.  You have to look carefully – sometimes there is not an error flag showing where the information omission occurs.  The most common errors have been:
    1. Not including a beneficial owner on the Loan Information Page.
    2. Not including a Contact on the Additional Information Page.

Documents Page

  1. All documents must be uploaded through this page. You can log back in at a later time.  See Item #1 above.
  2. You must submit all documents by uploading through this page. We CANNOT accept email documents.
  3. If there is something non-routine about your application (e.g., business has employees but the owners are not paid as employees) describe the situation on typed page and upload it as a document.
  4. The Government ID can be a drivers’ license, a state-issued identity card, or a US passport, as long as it is photo-ID issued by a state or the federal government.
  5. See Section D for more information on which additional documents to upload by type of business.
  6. The five documents listed on this page to be uploaded are the MINIMUM documents necessary. In providing the required documentation for all of the AMP Costs and Exclusions listed above, it will be necessary to upload several more documents than five.  Click on the Add New Document option.  In naming the document, please be as descriptive as possible to assist the reviewer in finding the document to support the number you have entered.  Also, DO NOT specify a password for a document.
  7. One of the questions in the list of questions on the Business Info page is:

Is the Applicant or any owner of the Applicant an owner of any other business, or have common management with, any other business? If yes, list all such businesses and describe the relationship on a separate sheet identified as addendum A.

  1. Another question in the list is:

Has the Applicant received an SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan between January 31, 2020 and April 3, 2020? If yes, provide details on a separate sheet identified as addendum B.

  1. If you upload Addendum A or B, please label it clearly.

Submit and Sign Page

  1. Please read carefully the statements on this page.  It is important you understand what you are agreeing to by signing and submitting this application.
  2. After you submit the application, can log back into the application and see the status of your application. See for an explanation of the status categories you will see.  We do not notify you when the status categories change.  It is your responsibility to check the status.  You can email if you have a question about why a particular status is shown.