Apply for a Second Round PPP4 Loan

The requirements for a second round loan under the PPP4 regulations differ from the earler first round PPP loan programs in several important aspects.  The information link below will provide access to information from the SBA on the program requrirements.

The PPP Second Round Loan Application (also know as a Second Draw) form (2483-SD) is better designed than the previous application and has better instructions for completing the form.

Information on applying for a second round PPP4 loan

The following links can provide helpful information to complete the form 2483-SD for a second round PPP loan.  Note that two of these documents were published by SBA prior to the passage by Congress of the new law and its effective date of December 29, 2020.  As a result, the information in the How-to-Calculate and the FAQs may not entirely be in alignment with the new law.  The SBA is expected to publish updated material, but until they do this is the most recently available.

Short overview of the second round (also called second draw) PPP loan under the new law.

Covers most types of business. Still largely correct under new law.

The SBA has published FAQs several times since the adoption of PPP in March 2020.  This is the most recent, published three weeks before the new law became effective.  We have redacted many sections that were clearly in conflict with the new law or no longer relevant.  There are still statements in this FAQ that are not entirely alligned with the new law, but they are fairly minor.

Steps for applying for a second round PPP4 loan

Click on the three green links below to open the SBA form 2383-SD and the Form 101 Supplemental Borrower Information Form.  These forms are "fill in the blank" Adobe PDFs.  Save the forms to your computer.  You can start, stop, and restart the form the forms if they are saved to your computer.  After you have completed the two forms, send them to us by either of the two methods described below.

Please do not submit handwritten applications - the computer cannot read it!  Please do not submit multiple applications! Multiple applications will signifiantly slow your application processing and may cause all applications to be rejected.

If you think you have made a mistake on your first application, wait for our email notifying you that a secure private Box has been created for you to upload documents.  Then, upload a letter explaining what you want to change with a file name: "need to change application".

A - Download and complete these two forms

Save these three forms to your computer.  You can start, stop, and restart the Application if it is saved.  When complete, send the Application to us by one of the two methods described below.  Once we open a private, secure folder for you, we will send you an email with instructions on which documents you need to upload.

Note:  This Form 2384-Sd is the standard SBA second round application published on January 8, 2021.  If you have obtained that form from another source and have completed it, you may use that form. THE FORM MUST BE COMPLETED ON A COMPUTER.  WE ARE NOT ABLE TO ACCPT HANDWRITTEN FORMS.

If you have uploaded your documents to another application service, you will need to upload them to your folder again.  The SBA regulations prohibit obtaining a PPP loan from multiple lenders.

B - Send us the completed forms

There are two methods to send us the completed form:

(1)  Send it by email to us through Microsoft's secure Exchange servers at:

When this email link opens in the email client on your computer:

  • Attach the completed 2483-SD Application form
  • Attached the completed Form 101 information form
  • Type the Business Legal Name in the Subject line.
  • Send!

(2) If you prefer to not send these forms through email, then upload them to the private, secure Box. com folder we establish for you.

To create your private, secure folder, send us an email to Microsoft's secure Exchange server:

When this email link opens in the email client on your computer:

  • Type the Business Legal Name in the Subject Name
  • In the body of the email:
    • Provide the last four digits of the business TIN (EIN or SSN)
    • Provide the name of the owner of the business
    • Provide the email address of the owner of the business
    • Provide the name of the first round PPP lender
    • Provide the name of your preferred second round PPP lender (if no preference, please state).
    • Tell us you want a private, secure folder where you can upload the form.

In each method (1) or (2), we will open the private, secure folder for you and send an email invitation with a link to the folder.  When we receive the PPP Application and the Supplemental Borrower Information Form, we will review the material and send you an email with a list of the additional documents required.

After we receive your application and all the required documents, we will review it and if it is in order we will have it reviewed by your lender.  If the lender approves the application, we will submit it to the SBA for approval of the loan guarantee.  If the SBA approves the guarantee, we will send you closing documents by Docusign for electronic signature.  After you sign the closing documents, your lender will fund the loan.  In some cases, your lender may be a credit union, in which case you will have the additional step of becoming a member of that credit union.

C - Additional Documentation Required

Click on the green button to link to the download page for information about the additional forms and documents that you will need to upload to your private folder.